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Jam and conserve jars

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Pasteurised or sterilised food can be preserved in jam and conserve jars. Whether you are preserving delicacies and spices, preserving jam and chutney or storing bread spreads and pestos - SCHILLER & MAYER supplies jam and conserve jars in many shapes, colours and sizes from stock - from 28 ml up to 1,999 ml.

We offer a wide range of solutions for the most individual applications and will be happy to advise you. For fatty and oily contents, we recommend an ESBO-free or ESBO-reduced lid which, in contrast to conventional twist-off lids, does not contain epoxidised soybean oil in the compound and does not diffuse into the contents of the jar.

You can order jam and conserve jars with screw-on or twist-off lids easily and cheaply by telephone - even in small quantities.

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