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The best packaging solution for every product

Jars, bottles and containers for manufacturers, trade and private use

You will find all the products you need for your packaging solutions from us:

  • Packaging jars in numerous variations, whether jam and conserve jars, sweet jars, Mason jars, square jars, tumbler jars or honey jars.
  • Bottles for every purpose: oil and vinegar bottles, juice and milk bottles, beer bottles, spirits bottles, special bottles.
  • Lids that fit perfectly: clip tops, screw tops, twist-off lids, other lids and corks.
  • Plastic containers in all shapes and sizes: plastic bottles, canisters, drums and buckets
  • Accessories that leave no wish un-granted: shrink capsules, labels, filling equipment, sealing equipment, outlet taps, pourers as well as special packaging and household articles.
  • % Sale Treats such as limited editions, special offers and promotional merchandise at very reasonable prices.